Cult Dance Fitness

When my grandmother took me to her senior disco dance classes in Beijing, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve danced in numerous commercials, performances, films and magazines. I guess you could say I found my groove. In my early 20’s, I discovered my passion for fitness. As someone who thought working out meant being on the elliptical, the world of fitness opened my eyes to a whole new lifestyle. I’ve even appeared in fitness videos for Self Magazine, Leslie Sansone, and Radius Fitness. As a result? The combination of dance and fitness has shown to be the best workout for the mind, body and soul. Cult Dance Fitness is the product of years of being a student and a teacher. Through upbeat music, fun choreography, and a proven fitness format, each class guarantees to leave you with a swexy smile. Perfect for all levels.


Cult Dance Fitness Tutorials

live dance classes

I teach both group and private classes. For group classes, I guest teach at Uforia Studios. Check out my IG for scheduling announcements. For private classes, I’ve taught and choreographed for weddings, birthdays, and corporate events.

music videos

Do you know how I learned my dance moves? Through music videos! Janet Jackson, C+C Music Factory, and Usher taught me everything I know. Now I enjoy creating music videos for others, including my annual girls trip music videos with my college friends.