My furbae, Mojo

My furbae, Mojo

So it’s pronounced “you-ay”

Hey I’m Yue. And yes Yosemite is my real middle name.

I’m an on-air host and a content producer with a focus on three main areas:

1) Tech

2) Dating

3) Fitness

My entertainment career has seen many iterations including appearances on networks such as MTV, AMC, Discovery and NBC, dozens of commercials, and TV shows in China and the UK. Through it all, I’ve learned that I truly enjoy creating content and telling a compelling story. That is why in addition to my on-camera career, I also run a production team, and offer media and strategy consulting for several top startups.

Born in Beijing, I moved to East Lansing, MI when I was 8 years old. My Mandarin Chinese? Pretty solid. But my Chinglish is even better. When I moved to the US, my first love was hip hop dancing, which I learned from MTV music videos (I know every move to “If”). Then I became intrigued with the dating culture when I moved to NYC and witnessed the start of online dating. And finally after moving back to Beijing and being exposed to top secret tech prototypes, I developed my passion for technology. Currently residing in SF, I feel very fortunate to be able to foster all three of my passions in an industry that has allowed me to be me!

Like a good Asian kid, I hold a double major in Business and Sociology from UC-Berkeley. But like a rebellious Asian kid, I quit my promising consulting and advertising career to pursue the entertainment industry during my quarterlife crisis. I haven’t looked back since and my parents haven’t disowned me yet. Double win.

I am the momager to a rescue dog influencer named Mojo. He’s pretty level-headed.