Dating Sociologist

Following a chance encounter while living in NYC, I became someone’s “dating coach.” Within a year, I found myself starting my own coaching business called Singlefied (plus a youtube series), which I grew internationally. And eventually…I grew out of it. However, my love for love never faded. How do people meet in the modern world? Is monogamy dead? Why do Americans date several people at once and why do other cultures find this unfathomable? I found myself digging deeper and deeper into the sociology of dating and relationships. In 2015, I moved to SF and witnessed the most unusual dating scene ever. Hyper-blended gender roles. Microdosing to “feel” something. Dates that became pitches for funding. And the ostracization of heteronormative behavior. I needed to capture the stories, and that’s when my friend Julie Krafchick and I started the Date/able Podcast.

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Dateable Podcast

Dateable Podcast


With the advent of technology, the promise of connectedness and accessibility also makes us feel lonelier than ever. My friend Julie and I created this podcast to show that we’re not alone in the dating conundrums that we go through. On each Dateable episode, we feature a real story from a real person of how they’re making dating work (or not). Some stories are juicy, some are insightful, and some will have you screaming, "I had the same thing happen to me!" More importantly, we give takeaways to apply to our own lives, all while laughing along the way. The Dateable Podcast was named one of the top dating podcasts by the Huffington Post and BET, and has been featured in Thought Catalog, Bustle, Brit+Co, AskMen, SF Chronicle, and more.

Some of my favorite episodes:

At My Service (transgender dominatrix tells all)

What it Means to be a Man (redefining gender expectations with Mark Greene from The Good Men Project)

So I Went to a Sex Party

Why You Cannot Find The One (with Heidi Isern)

Married with Options (polyamory)

The Blind Date (I get set up on a blind date and the post-date interview is not what you’d expect)

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Ask Miss Singlefied Youtube Channel

Ask Miss Singlefied Youtube Channel


Calling anyone a Dating Expert seems amusing to me because it implies that you are really good at dating. The fact is, we’re all trying to figure it out, even the “experts.” That’s why I would consider myself a Dating Sociologist who has a love for sharing her findings! Since I collected all these learnings and experiences from the clients I had as a dating coach, I found it helpful to put it out there for those going through similar situations. That’s why I started the Ask Miss Singlefied Youtube channel, a place for me to answer some common dating questions from men. The most popular topics have been: How To Get the Girl, How to Get Out of the Friendzone, How to Flirt over Text, and How to Read Her Signals. I’ve also developed virtual friendships with many of my viewers and it’s fascinating to see that their “common” dating woes are always tied to other facets of their lives. Dating, on the surface, may seem to be all about the other people you meet, but at its core, dating is about your relationship with yourself.