Lights. Camera. Magic.

When I was a toddler, my parents said I would stand so close to the TV I’d basically be in it. They weren’t wrong. Over a decade later, I’ve navigated through almost every crevice of the entertainment industry. My passion for creating content is both on-screen and off-screen.

Princess Cruises Commercial


I started my entertainment career in NYC as an on-air host. I had no experience, no connections, but I had a vision. While working at Rapp Collins as a Strategic Planner, I convinced my co-workers to help me make a demo reel that I sent out to as many agents as possible. Lucky for me, Abrams saw something in my lo-def homemade video. But the rest wasn’t some glamorous ride through the magic of television. The entertainment industry taught me so much about perseverance, tenacity, courage, and humility. My journey hasn’t been about luck, but I’ve been extremely fortunate to be given the opportunities to thrive. Some of the highlights of my career have been:

Sample Marketing Videos


While working in front of the camera, I was intrigued by all the intricacies of what was happening behind the camera. Can you imagine a 2 day shoot, 100-person crew just to film a 60 second commercial? Can you believe so-and-so did not get cast because of a weak handshake? And do you know sometimes it takes 50 takes just to get one good sound bite? Since moving to SF, I created a production team to tackle the production journey for Silicon Valley. We’ve created marketing content for the likes of Future League, Civic,, KPIT, Plickers, Superbloom, and OnCue.

In 2018, our team tackled the biggest challenge yet: Cash Show Trivia, a daily live-streaming trivia game show. I became the show’s Executive Producer. In less than 6 months, we were live in 5 countries (US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia), with at least 2 shows a day in each geo. We helped build studios in the US, Germany, Japan and Australia and while those studios were in progress, we were live-streaming to these countries from our SF studio. Starting from 2am all the way to 9pm, we would have various teams tornado in and out of the studio speaking different languages. In less than 6 months, Cash Show became the 2nd biggest trivia app in the US and the 1st in Europe. The team is still catching up on their beauty sleep.