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I’ve always loved gadgets and being an early adopter of new tech (bragging rights among friends!). So, it was a dream to have worked on the inaugural season of The Gadget Show: China that filmed throughout China. After the series ended, the original UK Gadget Show invited me to join their presenter team. As the roaming reporter, I traveled the world looking for…well…gadgets, but also inventors and thought leaders to delight our tellies. Upon moving to San Francisco, the epicenter of tech, I’ve been profiling tech leaders and some of the world’s biggest tech conferences for TECHTHELEAD. Tech it out below!

I also have a list of vetted and tested gadgets that are tried and true!


IFA Berlin coverage with TECHTHELEAD


CES, MWC, IFA…come with me to some of the world’s most prominent tech conferences to get an exclusive look at the future of tech.

The Gadget Show Highlight Reel


In existence since 2004, The Gadget Show is one of the longest running TV shows in the UK. A new episode every week on Channel 5, the series is also syndicated throughout Europe and Australia. My first appearance on The Gadget Show was testing out progressive fitness tech in Seoul with the lovely and dashing Ortis Deley. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the globe with the GS crew, often finding myself in “someone pinch me” scenarios such as being on a hoverboard put together by velcro and duct tape (spoiler alert: it caught on fire) and being one fo the first to try VR before it became uncool.

The Gadget Show China Highlight Reel


As the Chinese adaption of the Gadget Show, this TV episodic on Shenzhen Satellite allowed me to try out some out-of-this-world-not-safe-for-consumer prototypes, test my endurance during a 14-day trek in the grueling conditions of Lop Nur, and exercise my Mandarin language skills. My parents were very proud.